2023 Korean Trendy Hairstyles Recap, What's in for 2024?

19 Jan 2024
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Wondering which trendy hairstyles are so popular in Korea that even K-pop idols love them?

1. Trending Hairstyles in Korea - Women 

2. Top Recommended Hairstyle Arrangements (What's Trending in 2024?) 

3. How to Get Discounts at Korean Hair Salons 

Korea seems to experience frequent shifts in trends, not just in hairstyles but also in fashion and lifestyle. Among them, hairstyles are often led by K-pop idols, showcasing various styles. Let's take a look at the hairstyles that were most popular in 2023, inspired by K-pop idols!

1. Trending Hairstyles in Korea - Women

๐Ÿ’‡‍โ™€๏ธShort Hair 

Source - @todayis_wendy

Wendy Cut: In Korea, Red Velvet Wendy's short layered cut is known as the "Wendy Cut." It involves adding layers below the short length, creating a light and refreshing hairstyle. You can style it in various ways, just like Wendy does in the pictures.

Source - @_chaechae_1

Short bob Hair + Black Hair: LE SSERAFIM Chaewon recently switched up her styling with brown long hair, but the trend of her black, short hair continues. The blunt bangs and straight hair styling create a timeless look that seems to persist in popularity.

๐Ÿ‘ฉLong Hair

Source - @newjeans_official

Sleek Perm (=Long Straight Hair Style): This style, also seen since NewJeans debut, is known as the sleek perm in Korea. It presents hairstyles that doesn't look outdated over time, and it's expected to continue trending in Korea.

Source - @katarinabluu

Hush Cut: This hairstyle features long layers with a lot of texture. Karina recently had this style beautifully. Whether with or without front bangs, it is so cute. It might suit those who prefer a more casual style rather than a lovely one.

Source - @imwinter

Hippie Perm: aespa Winter presented a red-colored hippie perm. The hippie perm is popular among Koreans because it can be customized to fit individual preferences regarding hair length, layers, and color. People like it because they can style it the way they want.

2. Top Recommended Hairstyle Arrangements (What's Trending in 2024?)

For short hair, the ‘Wendy Cut’ is highly recommended. Although it became popular quite a while ago, it has now become a steady and constant favorite in Korea. Its enduring popularity speaks volumes! Additionally, depending on how many layers you add, you can continuously make your own different styles, preventing the look from becoming boring.

For long hair, we recommend the ‘Build Perm, Sandy Cut, and Hippie Perm’ styles.

Build Perm) Many Korean female idols and actresses opt for this hairstyle. The side-swept bangs add a pure and innocent touch. The voluminous, loose, natural-looking waves style for long hair is a classic!

Sandy Cut) This style features layered on long hair. Maintaining the charm of long hair, it adds layers hang over shoulders, creating a natural mood. As layered hair styling is a big trend in Korea, this style is highly recommended!

Hippie Perm) It enhances the volume of the hair, giving it a rich and full appearance. Adding colors, as seen in aespa Winter's styling, can create a mysterious and enchanting vibe. Show off your personality with a Hippie Perm hair style!

(Sources - LEEKAJA)

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