Ended[1/1~1/31] NAMANE CARD Charging Service Fee Discount Promotion

28 Dec 2023

Event Period

2024.01.01. ~ 2024.01.31. 

Benefits Details

• Eligible Participants: 

Charge NAMANE CARD with International Credit/Debit Card or Internatianal Digital Payment in the app.

• Benefit Offers: 

International Credit/Debit Card
6.0%3.5%VISA, MASTER, JCB, UnionPay
Internatianal Digital Payment
4.0% 2.5%Touch N Go, DANA, GCash, Alipay HK, Truemoney

• Notes:
- To learn how to recharge your International Credit/Debit Card and Internatianal Digital Payment in the app, please click the link for detailed instructions.

- Before recharging your NAMANE CARD with International Credit/Debit Card, ensure that international transactions are enabled for the card. 

- Verify the 3DS authentication status of your card in advance. NAMANE provides charge services only for cards that have received 3DS authentication due to security policies. If there are any issues with NAMANE card recharge due to 3DS non-verification, please contact your card issuer(brand) directly.