Ongoing[4/1~6/30] NAMANE X H.Point Promotion / Get a 5,000 won charge coupon!

2 Apr 2024

Planning to shop at Hyundai Department Store or Hyundai Duty-Free? 
Be sure to download the essential app H.Point and get a 5,000 KRW Coupon! ๐Ÿ’œ

H.Point is an integrated membership service where members can enjoy various shopping benefits 

in Hyundai Department Stroes / Outlets / Duty Free Shop.


Sign up now and check out the maximum โ‚ฉ100,000 shopping benefits

and 3-7% point rewards available for use at The Hyundai Seoul.

Promotion Period

2024.04.01. ~ 2024.06.30.

Benefit Details


  • NAMANE Pay Balance Top-up Coupon (5,000 KRW)

How to Use Coupons:

 [How to Sign up H.Point app]

[Method of entering promotion code 0000000065 in the 'Coupon Registration' menu]

[How to register the 5,000 won coupon in the NAMANE app]

๐Ÿ’กHow to Make a NAMANE Card  

๐Ÿ’กHow to Add Coupons in the App

• Note:

  • - The event is classified as applicable only to H.Point global members. (Membership is available only to those whose nationality is not Republic of Korea based on passport criteria).
  • - You can sign up as a global member by selecting English or Chinese as the language on H.Point WEB or APP.