Enjoy Korea without limits!!

🚌 Transportation is unlimited.

 What types of transportation allow unlimited rides?

🚄 A'REX All Stop Train round trip

🚇 Subway nationwide 

🚍 City Bus nationwide

It's a PERFECT choice,

if you take the subway more than once a day while traveling.

- NAMANE PASS is a special service brand for foreign tourists. 

- In addition to A'REX all stop Train round trip and unlimited transportation rides with one card, it is a card that can be used anywhere offline like a debit card.

- If you are planning a trip to Korea, prepare a NAMANE PASS, a must-have for your trip to Korea!

💳 Prepaid Card 

Prepaid card for travelers.

✔ From convenience stores to shopping mall, you can pay anywhere!!

  • Pay by inserting the IC chip of your NAMANE PASS card.
  • Please check the Namane service manual for detailed usage instructions.
  • Using the Namane app, you can conveniently recharge and manage your card balance.

Download NAMANE App

🚌 Unlimited transportation

✔ Enjoy unlimited rides on public transportation in Korea.

  • Tag your NAMANE PASS card to a public transportation terminal.
  • There is no need to recharge your transportation card while traveling.
  • Save your charging time and enjoy Korea in more ways.

This is a transportation card that is automatically recharged.

Don't be surprised if you see your balance when tagging.

Explore KOREA with NAMANE

  • After registering the card in the NAMANE app, you can pay anywhere.
  • At the KIOKS of NAMANE, you can top up your pay balance with cash or credit card. NAMANE kiosks are located throughout Korea's essential tourist areas, including airport hubs.
    • NAMANE APP > 'HOME' > Choose 'Kiosk Location'
    • NAMANE Homepage > Choose 'Kiosk Location'
  • The transportation included A'REX All stop Train round trip and Subway, intra-city bus unlimited.


1. After this product is issued, you can use the PAY function after charging the amount. The charging limit is 500,000 won.

2. Please refrain from bending this product with excessive force as this may cause damage to the inside of the product.

3. This product cannot be exchanged or refunded due to simple changes.

4. Transportation cannot be used with this product after the specified number of days of use has passed. ***