Service Manual


Namane Card Information 

☑️ Namane Card Information 

- Two types of balances are possible through NAMANE: 'Pay Balance' / ‘Transit Balance'. 

1) Pay Balance : You can pay at brick and mortar stores by insert the IC CHIP. 

2) Transit Balance: You can use public transportation by tag your card.

📝 Key Summary

[1] You can load up to 500,000 KRW in Pay Balance + 500,000 KRW in Transit Balance per card

[2] 4 NAMANE Cards can be registered per member. 

✅ NAMANE Card information

  • Front of Card
    • On the front of the card, there is a customized image and text by the customer.
    • The size of the image is 558 by 700 pixels.
    • The number on the right side of the image (No. 000000000000) is the number of the card and is used for registering a card in-app. 
    •  The customizable text is available in both Korean/English up to 14 characters. (Including Spaces)
    • Basic characters can be used for the text, but emojis/emoticons are not available.
  • Back of the Card
    • You can look for information on where to reload and use the card.
    • Left: Information of Pay Card Number
      • Pay Card Number/Expiration Date/CVC/Signature Field.
    • Right: Information of Transit Card Number
      • Transportation Number (Used when registering for a Child/Youth transportation discount. / Transportation discount registration can be done on Rail Plus website)

✅ NAMANE Card Limit

  •  Reload Limit
    • 1 Card: 500,000 KRW in Pay Balance + 500,000 KRW in Transit Balance 
    • No Limit on the amount of loads
  • Usage Limit
    • Less than 500,000 KRW per payment
    • No limit on usage.

✅ Notes on NAMANE Card

※ 4 NAMANE Cards can be registered per member. 

※ Cards can only be charged in ₩. (Korean Won)

※ When depositing into a virtual account, if the balance of the card exceeds 500,000 KRW after depositing, the deposit will not be processed. 

※ When depositing through mobile payment, there is a limit of 150,000 KRW per day/150,000 KRW per month.